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22-01-2017 0 comments L`Ostia Events

Christmas season are for sharing, enjoying and having fun with friends and family, and l’Òstia Barceloneta likes to spend this season with customers and friends. It is already a family tradition.

‘I remember when I was a child eating the nougats in the first restaurant of my parents and opening together the doors and spending the Christmas season surrounded by clients, who to be honest, we fell them as friends and an indispensable part of our Christmas’- Remembers Jaume Muedra, owner.

We came from a family of restoration since 1924, we are the third generation, and we have spent life between bars and stoves almost every day of the year, including Christmas days, for this reason, when l’Òstia Barceloneta opened Its doors continued with the same tradition. That’s why we want to be your restaurant open for Christmas.

We open every day from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm, except for Christmas Eve, Christmas day and New Year's Eve, and we offer our traditional dishes and cuisine, do you know our menu?

Enjoy our already traditional tapas from La Barceloneta, such as Pepa’s Bomb, The Russian (Salad from la Barceloneta) or our Roman style squid, do you want to know more? Meet our menu here.

You can also book for groups. You can always choose from our menus for groups. And if you book with some days in advance, we can prepare the recipe that you propose and the bottles of wine or champagne you want, are your holidays, we just want to share them with you.

Christmas season are special days for us, because they also are specials for our customers and we like to take part.

So you know, if you're looking for your restaurant open for Christmas, this is yours. Come with your partner, family or friends to taste good cuisine without having to worry about preparing, cooking and organizing, this is what we do.

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