L’Ostia opens its doors to the digital world

22-01-2017 0 comments L`Ostia Events

It seems that if you are not on the Internet you do not exist, or at least, they know you less, so we go ahead and present our new digital house where you could meet us thoroughly, from our menu, cuisine, recepes and spaces, until our intimate secrets, our history and our way of being.

We invite you to browse on our website, soak up in our philosophy, cuisine and participate. We want that the great family of l'Òstia Barceloneta will have a new meeting point althought you can not come to the restaurant.

You could find new content every week, from events that we prepare as recipes or interesting information for all of us. And, of course, it will be a pleasure to develop your proposals for l'Òstia Barceloneta.

We want you to feel at home anywhere despite that in the digital world, you will not be able to taste or smell our kitchen, although how fast this world advances, maybe one day we will also reach it.

To start, we recommend  you to make a virtual Tour of our restaurant with the 360 Tour that is in our home or here. And do not miss our recommendation of the month.

Thank you for reading, following us and participating in our community.  You are l'Òstia!

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