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Lolo, is the name of the king cavalier of Jaume Muedra’s family, L'Òstia Barceloneta owner. One more member, a great companion, quiet, affectionate and playful and his biggest hobby is to run behind his ball.

As dog lovers, at l'Òstia Barceloneta restaurant, we are welcome to meet and to serve you with your friend. We always have drinkers available for them.

Moreover, it’s amazing to see how the dog lovers are increasing.

It is estimated that dogs have been accompanying humans for more than 10,000 years. The oldest breed ever known is called Saluki and was considered part of the ancient Egyptian royalty.

Statistics says there are more than 500 million dogs in the world, about 75 million in Europe and more than 150,000 in Barcelona city.

The dog is the best friend of the people, even men, women or child, it is proven that they bring physical and emotional health benefits.

There are a lot of different dogs: From mutts, mongrels to pure race, bigs as the mastiff or small as the holy moly dogs, with short or long hair, big or small ears even with bulging eyes.

The biggest dog in history was Zorba, an English mastiff born in 1981, who weighed 155 kg. and an average of 2.51 m. from nose to tail.

Dogs are loyal, noble, sensitive and intelligent animals. They make us laugh, even when we have a bad day and they are always there to give us joy. They are sad when we go on a trip without them, they welcome us when we get home and we play or lie on the sofa together. They give us companion and much, much more.

But the most important thing: they will always remain by our side and without asking anything in return.

Some curiosities that, if you are a dog lover, you probably already know:

It is increasingly common to find dogs with a great purchasing power because are included in the testaments of their owners as a member of the family, probably with more rights than other relatives for being eternal friends and his loyalty.

Also Paul McCartney musician wrote a song for his dog Martha, ‘Martha, my dear’ song included in ‘The White Album’ (1968).

And, did you know that when your dog refuses to go outside when it’s raining, it is not because he doesn’t want to get wet? He does it because the sound of the rain amplifies the rest of sounds, something that hurts his sensitive hearing.

And there are also some false myths, such as:

Dogs see in black and white, nothing further from reality. According to experts, dogs can distinguish colours, except that they do it in a different way than humans.

Or that one-year of a dog corresponds to 7 of a human. That’s also false, each breed has a life expectancy, which can vary considerably between breeds, so it is very difficult to assign this equivalence.

It will be a pleasure for us to meet you and your best friend in L'Òstia Barceloneta, while you eat one of our Pepi’s bombs or our Rusa salad, you make vermouth or you have a coffee or a beer. Dogs are always welcome. We love them!

See you soon!!

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