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The mother of all our history, Pepi, has always been and still is very present in the restaurant L'Òstia Barceloneta, from its most famous recipes like “La Bomba” to the most traditional dishes at our family parties.

Thus, the magazine OnBarcelona from El Periódico wanted to take note and visited us to learn how Pepi cooks us one of the most traditional recipes of Catalan cuisine and one of the most favorite in our family, the Fricando.

Thanks OnBarcelona!

Here we leave the video by OnBarcelona and the recipe so that you can cook and enjoy it at home:


- 800 g of beef stew

- 600 g of onions of Figueres

- 35 g any seasonal mushroom

- 2 cloves garlic

- 50 g of whisky

- 350 g of grated ripe tomato

- 100 g of extra virgin olive oil

- 50 g of flour

- 10 g of salt

- 10 g of pepper


- 20 g of hazelnut

- 20 g of almond

- Chopped parsley leaves


1. If the mushrooms are dry, moisturize them with water in advance.

2. Prepare the sting.

3. Salt and pepper the meat and lightly bake it.

4. Bring the meat to the pan with the oil to seal it. Move away.

5. Add the chopped onion and let it cook well until it has a good color.

6. Add the chopped garlic and grated tomato. Leave to cook approximately 20 or 25 minutes, until it is well-fried.

7. Add the mushrooms (previously strained and reserved the water to moisturize), chopped and whisky. Cover the pan and let it cook for a few minutes to reduce alcohol.

8. Now add the reserved water of the mushrooms and remove the set for about 2 minutes.

9. Now we return to incorporate the meat and cover with water to leave to cook at low heat approximately 1 hour.


The Fricandó is one of many traditional recipes that need to rest. We advise you to prepare it in advance (at least 4 hours before), so that the juices rest and mix better.

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