"Dijous Gras", "coca de llardons" and "botifarra d'ou" at L'Ostia you’ll eat

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The "Dijous Gras" or "Dijous llarder" is the name that in Catalonia is known  the Thursday when Carnival begins.

It is mainly all a family and popular party.

All towns and neighborhoods usually have popular celebrations with dancing and live orchestras, as well as “botifarradas”.

“Dijous Gras” has its origin in a traditional gastronomic excess before the fasting period of Lent, when it is not allowed to eat eggs or meat, hence they are highly caloric dishes.

During this high caloric period, it’s established to eat  “botifarra” (traditional catalan sausages), and for Carnival itself is the botifarra with egg, "botifarra d'ou" and "coca de llardons" (pork rinds), which are small pieces of fatty pork and little meat, fried and perfectly toasted.

The "coca de llardons"

It is a sweet cake typical of the Catalan Pyrenees.

First recipes were written on the nineteenth century, although its consumption is much earlier.

It is made from: Eggs, sugar, flour, pork rinds and pine nuts.

It has a rather dry texture, due to the pastry used and is accompanied with sweet, muscatel, malvasía wine or cava.

Before, the "coca de llardons" could only be eaten the days before Lent. Nowadays it is part of the variety of sweets of the most popular festivities all year round, like Saint John or Saint Peter.

The "Botifarra d´ou"

This sausage dates from the seventeenth century, apparently originally from Barcelona and as we have said before, related to the beginning of Carnival.

The "botifarra d'ou" is a sausage made with lean meat, from the back, bacon and pork jowl, also carries eggs, salt and black pepper.

It has a yellowish color and a slightly grainy texture, with a fine and pronounced flavor.

Like “coca de llardons”, it was only cooked the days before Lent.

Nowadays this product is so appreciated that it is consumed throughout the year although, outside the Carnival season, it may be more difficult to find it.

L'Òstia loves popular traditions and you can taste our "coca de llardons" with sweet wine or the "butifarra d'ou".

And we also invite you to taste our "Cod of Lent", recipe from our chef Sisco.

Another traditional dish during these dates and also a product, the cod fish, with a lot of history that we will tell you more shortly.

Always prepared with the best quality and our best dedication with our personal touch.

Let’s visit us, we are waiting for you at L'Òstia!!! See you soon!!!

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